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When making an investment choice we understand it can be hard to trust someone you may not have heard of. To help make your choice that little bit easier, we’ve included reviews from our current investors letting you know what they theought of SMSF Property Capital. 

“It proves to be a lot less worry and stress than is often associated with direct property.”

I’ve invested in the SMSF Property Capital Development Fund, and I’ve found them very effective, I’m getting 10% p.a. plus per month in the Development Income Fund.

The people I’ve dealt with, Craig and Rebekah, have been very professional yet friendly, and I’m reassured by the research that I did leading up to this that it’s worked out to be a very very good investment for my self managed super fund. It certainly proves to be a lot less worry and stress than is often associated with direct property.


“The potential returns are strong with a lot of downside protection.”

SMSF Property Capital provides the opportunity to directly invest in property development – an activity that is beyond the reach of most investors.

While I called it an investment above, it is more than that. It is an ownership interest in a business activity. SMSF Property Capital makes you feel like a part owner in an actual business–they drag you through the mud on site, share with you the frustration of local government behaviour, and take you through the journey of design, construction and sales.

Investor interaction is ongoing and very personal – you really are treated as an owner and business partner, not merely an investor.

- Brett

“What a great idea, No banks no Worries”

Wow! What a great idea, No banks no Worries. This is a Great product. The SMSF staff are very efficient and always very approachable and furthermore always keeping us updated on any given project one has invested in.

Love the work, look forward to working with you more, can’t wait for my investment to show fruit . Once the payment is in the hand we can show others with more proof and invest in the next project.

- Kirpal

“We look forward to investing in more projects in the future.”

We’ve been rather careful in our investments but finding SMSF Property Capital opened up investment opportunities that are affordable to smaller investors. We have invested in two of SMSF Property Capital projects and look forward to investing in more projects in the future.

I like that everything about the projects is explained and any questions answered–I love the regular updates. Growing our Super fund is important for both Vicki and me–having an opportunity to do that while helping to provide affordable housing to other members of the community is a nice way to do it.

- Heather

“We were impressed by their openness”

After carefully reading the Product Disclosure Statement we decided to invest some of our funds. The promised return was substantially higher than other similar projects and, given the due diligence done by SMSF, we were reasonably sure that the return was achievable. We were impressed by SMSF’s openness with its projects on their website giving monthly video updates and weekly written updates for each project.

They are honest about delays and other issues that might affect the return for investors.

After making our investment, we personally visited the team in Brisbane, talking to many of the team members about each one’s area of expertise. They all worked together with a impressive efficiency which left us very comfortable with our investment. We have no trouble recommending SMSF to potential investors.

- Matthew and Ruth

“I have invested in three SMSF projects”

I was impressed with the SMSF persons with whom I have had contact and continue to feel confident that I have invested wisely with a good prospect of projected returns being realised.

I have invested in three SMSF projects – they offer access to relatively short term investment opportunities in developments that appear to be well research and effectively managed.

Regular on-going reports from SMSF have been useful and continue to help me feel confident that my investments will realise their projected returns.

- Joe

“You make money, I make money. Winners all round!”

Has turned out to be a reliable investment. Regular returns at a consistently good rate. Good information service as to progress with investments by the fund, makes me feel involved with the use of my money. You make money, I make money. Winners all round!

- Phillip

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