Development Income Fund

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The Development Income Fund exists for investors to access a monthly income, whilst investing in land and physical assets.

The fund invests in SMSF Property Capital developments which have no bank debt, and receives a set rate of return for their investment. 

Since inception in October 2015, the Development Income Fund has returned 10.10% p.a (as corrected October, 2018), paid monthly. 

Investors are issued a unit certificate for their investment. 

Minimum Investment $20,000
Term No Defined Term - Subject To Liquidity
Floating Income Rate 7.5% p.a.
Frequency of payments Monthly in arrears
Returns since inception 10.10% p.a. (correct as of October, 2018)

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About the Development Income Fund

The Development Income Fund is for investors who are seeking a monthly income from their investment.

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Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

PDS Part 1 

Product Disclosure Statement Part 1.

PDS Part 2

Product Disclosure Statement Part 2. This deals with the specific investment class of interests.

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General Warning Statement

General Warning Statement for SMSF Property Capital. Please read in conjunction with the PDS Part 1 and 2, and the Financial Services Guide.

Financial Services Guide

Financial Services Guide for SMSF Property Capital.

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