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Conondale Quarry is a brand new investment opportunity. Located 45 kilometres west of Maroochydore and Caloundra, this is the proposed site of a sand, gravel and topsoil extraction facility.
The resources has been independently verified at over 900,000 tonnes of sand, however financial performance has been built on selling only 450,000 tonnes of sand over a 5 year period.

Investment Round Now Closed

Please note this offer is available under an Information Memorandum. Thus, investments are only open to wholesale, sophisticated or experienced investors. To gain further information please contact Jason Kennewell at hello@smsf.me

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SMSF Property Capital Pty Ltd ABN: 23 147 162 294 makes this offer on behalf of SMSF Property Resources Pty Ltd to invest in a Preference Share Offer dated the 14th of December 2016 under Section 708 (10) of the Corporations Act 2001.
Prior to investing please view Section 708 (10) of the Corporations Act HERE.
Please ensure that you understand that this offer is made under the above Act as a small scale offering with no more than 20 investors and no more than 2 Million Dollars capital raised, and that you or your intended investing entity qualifies to invest in this type of offer.
SMSF Property Capital Pty Ltd, it’s employees and contractors are NOT acting as a Corporate Authorised Representative of Guardian Securities Limited nor are they acting as individually licensed representatives of Guardian Securities Limited and make no offer of general or personal advice in the execution of this offer.

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