Introducing a refreshing, and effective, way to invest in property development. Unlike traditional approaches, we use a unique No Bank Debt Model helping to reduce risk and promote greater returns. Invest both within, and outside, of your SMSF.

Join us and thousands of other Australians as they work to generate the kind of profits the big developers do.

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How It Works

Slashing Waste and Building Profits

Through optimising the building process we cut out unnecessary parties like banks and other third parties who don’t have investors interests in mind. This reduces risk, and increases profit, as our investors fund the development and share in the development profits.

Here at SMSF Property Capital we work to remove the conflicts that can arise during the development process. Combined with our no bank debt model these all lead to two very important things – greater security and greater peace of mind. Click Here To Read More About Our Investment Model »

Our unique model aligns the four pivotal areas of property development, but eliminates the conflict that can exist in a typical development process.

Click to Watch Our Interview With the Expert, Peter
Switzer from the Switzer Super Report


Peter Switzer and Rebekah Blake discuss SMSF Property Capital’s no bank debt property development business model and how everyday investors can benefit.

What Our Investors Have To Say

SMSF Property Capital provides the opportunity to directly invest in property development – an activity that is beyond the reach of most investors. While I called it an investment, it is more than that. They make you feel like a part owner in an actual business… not merely an investor.


Wow! What a great idea, No banks no Worries. This is a Great product. The SMSF staff are very efficient and always very approachable and furthermore always keeping us updated on any given project one has invested in.

Love the work, look forward to working with you more, can’t wait for my investment to show fruit. Once the payment is in the hand we can show others with more proof and invest in the next project.


After carefully reading the Product Disclosure Statement we decided to invest some of our funds. The promised return was substantially higher than other similar projects and, given the due diligence done by SMSF, we were reasonably sure that the return was achievable. We were impressed by SMSF’s openness with its projects on their website giving monthly video updates and weekly written updates for each project.

Matthew & Ruth

How to Invest

Invest in our no bank debt property model in 5 easy steps

Access the feasibility statement, PDS and important documents

Decide which development you’d like to invest in and how much you’d like to invest

We will support you through every step of the online application process

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