Lean Value Stream Management Drives More Profit

Staying efficient, effective, lean and profitable is key for any business. Here at SMSF Property Capital and SMSF Property Australia we are no different. We apply lean production principles to property development in order to maximise returns for you, all without using any bank debt.

Our investments are available for those seeking to invest both inside, and outside of their Self-Managed Superannuation Fund.

We’ve aligned the four pivotal areas of property development, but eliminated the conflict which can exist in a typical development process.

Put simply, we take out the waste to build more profit.

How the no bank debt development model builds better outcomes

Each property we develop is done without bank debt. Banks are never involved to ensure your returns are never put in the hands of unnecessary intermediaries. The assets are owned by investors and held in trust by a custodian – we never own the asset, our investors do!

A question that frequently comes up is, can you not get bank debt and/or why don’t you use it?

The answer is simple, if we really wanted, we could get bank debt to fund our developments. But, we find banks add an element of risk we are not willing to take, and, because we aren’t willing to take it ourselves why don’t see why investors should have to either.

When you add a bank, or a third party who doesn’t have investors interests in mind, if something goes wrong they aren’t going to be focusing on getting the best outcome possible. They are looking out for themselves.

But, perhaps the most refreshing part of our model, is everyone who is part of the project, from Development Managers to Sales Team all have the same agenda. All stages work to ensure the development is completed to the highest quality, within budget and sold for the best possible price.

Complete transparency every step of the way

We understand control and information are critical to all investors and SMSF members. That’s why we don’t lock you out once your investment is locked in. We’re always transparent and keep you in the loop every step of the way with monthly updates on your investment.

Our History

Visit our performance page for more information and to read the audit reports by a major Australian audit firm.

We also invite you to peruse our most recent development updates.

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