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The Development Income Fund – Application Part 1

Invest Online Application Form

Responsible Entity: Guardian Securities Limited ACN 106 187 731 AFS Licence 240506. The Guardian Investment Fund ARSN 168 048 057. Please contact SMSF Property Capital Pty Ltd on 1300 039 655 with any questions or assistance that is required for filling in the application form or email hello@venturecrowd.com.au. Filling in this application form indicates that the applicant/s wish to apply to interests in The Guardian Investment Fund ARSN 168 048 057 and hereby agree to be bound by its Constitution.
  • Price per unit is $1, with a minimum investment of $20,000, and a minimum investment thereafter of $20,000 amounts. For example, if you wish to make an investment of $100,000, this would equate to 100,000 units, entered as "100000"
    Please enter a number greater than or equal to 20000.
  • Important Notice - This Application Form must be accompanied by the Product Disclosure Statement and/or any Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement which can be found on the website www.smsfproperty.net.au. Click on "Our Developments" and then under Development Income Fund, click "Find out More", then "Key Documents" tab.
    • The offer under this PDS is available to people receiving the PDS within Australia.
    • The PDS Part 1 is dated 15th September, 2015 which is the date it was issued.
    • It is advisable to read PDS Parts 1 and 2 before applying to invest because the PDS Parts 1 and 2 may contain important information about Guardian Securities Limited and an Investment in the Fund.
    • I/We have read and understood the provided Product Disclosure Statement for Development Investment Fund and agree to be bound by the provisions of the Fund’s Constitution and any other additional obligations or restrictions contained in the PDS and any Supplementary or Part 2 PDS.
    • I/We acknowledge the Responsible Entity’s privacy policy and acknowledge that it will hold personal information about me/us and will disclose this information to my/our authorised representative in relation to the Investment described in this Application Form.
    • I/We acknowledge that Guardian Securities Limited will cease to disclose this personal information if I/we notify Guardian Securities Limited that the authorised representative mentioned above no longer acts on my/our behalf.
    • I/We acknowledge that Guardian Securities Limited is not bound to accept my/our application, but may accept it in part or in whole.
    • I/We have made an offer to become an Investor in the Fund which cannot be revoked.
    • I/We confirm that I/we have had opportunity to seek professional advice regarding all aspects of this Investment and have not relied on any statements or representations made by any party (including Guardian Securities Limited, the Authorised Representative, and its officers, employees and agents) prior to applying, other than those written representations made in the PDS Parts 1 and 2.
    • I/We acknowledge that no company in the Guardian Securities group or its associated entities, the Authorised Representative, their shareholders or directors or other parties named in the PDS guarantees the performance of the Fund, the return of my/our capital or any specific rate of return.
    • I/We authorise and direct Guardian Securities to calculate and pay the nominated advice fee, where applicable, up to 3.3% (inc. GST) of the application monies, to the nominated adviser/adviser group from our application monies. I/We understand that the advice fee cannot be refunded once paid.
  • This form once completed creates an enforceable commitment. Your check in the box acts as your legal and binding signature. I / we acknowledge and declare that by signing this Application Form I / we have read and understood the provided PDS Parts 1 & 2 and where applicable give the declarations, acknowledgements and consents set out in the provided document "Guide to Completing the Application Form".