How It Works

“Taking Away The Waste To Build More Profits”

Our business consists of four distinct departments that ensure each project runs smoothly during the entire course of building. Operating this way has allowed us to cut out unnecessary parties like banks, which extract from your returns. It also removes conflicts that can arise during the property development process. When combined with our no-debt model, these all lead to two very important things – greater security and profit for you. Click Here To Read More About Our Investment Model »

Our unique model aligns the four pivotal areas of property development, but eliminates the conflict that can exist in a typical development process.

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Peter Switzer and Rebekah Blake discuss SMSF Property Capital’s no-debt property development business model and how everyday investors can benefit.


Alan Kohler talks about property development via our innovative no-debt model.

How to Invest

Invest in our no-debt property model in 5 easy steps.

Request a Free Consultation with one of our SMSF property development advisors

Access the feasibility statement, PDS and important documents

Decide which development to invest in and how much you’d like to invest

We will support you through every step of the application process

Access regular video updates and online cash flow reports

Client Testimonials

“The potential returns are strong with a lot of downside protection.”

SMSF Property Capital provides the opportunity to directly invest in property development – an activity that is beyond the reach of most investors. While I called it an investment, it is more than that. They make you feel like a part owner in an actual business… not merely an investor.

“The numbers stacked up – so the proof was in the pudding”

I am an accountant in my day job, have been for the last 15 years, and doing a feasibility study is the first thing I do when I look at a new development. I had all those documents on the website that I was able to look through and trawl through: the numbers stacked up and I knew the builder could build – so the proof was in the pudding. I encourage potential investors to see if the numbers stack up for you.

“We look forward to investing in more projects”

Finding SMSF Property Capital opened up investment opportunities that are affordable to smaller investors. Since first speaking with SMSF we have invested in two projects and look forward to investing in more.

“You feel fully informed at all times”

They make you seem part of the team and you feel fully informed at all times, especially as you can see what is being done with your own eyes. To me this is much better than other investments where you just receive a statement now and then.

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