SMSF Property Investment Made Simple

We offer a refreshing and effective way to for self-managed super funds to invest in property development. Unlike traditional approaches, we use a unique no-debt model that helps to reduce risk and promote greater returns.

How we do this is quite simple… We bring together like-minded investors and raise the capital required for each development. When complete, we sell the assets and returns are dispersed from the profit. And to make things as efficient as possible, we control the entire process from initial research through to sale.

All you have to do is sit back and watch your investment grow.

Stay up to date with our development progress, latest news and new investment opportunities.

26% unit price growth
for our most recent development in FY14*

86% of accountants and financial planners that
recommend our product have invested personally.

46% of investors invested more than $50,000 in our projects.
Of these, 40% invested $100,000 or more.

How to invest

From as little as $5000, you can be part of our next property development opportunity.

Below is a summary of the process for investing with us.

Call SMSF Property Capital on 1300 767 346 or contact us online.

We’ll supply you with key paperwork and follow up within 5 days to confirm.

Fill in the Capital Allocation Request form and online application, or request a face-to-face meeting.

Send your investment funds to the custodian’s bank account.

You’re sent a receipt and Unit Certificate.


How our model works

Our business consists of four distinct departments that ensure each project runs smoothly during the entire course of building. Operating this way has allowed us to cut out unnecessary parties like banks, which extract from your returns. It also removes conflicts that can arise during the property development process. When combined with our no-debt model, these all lead to two very important things – greater security and profit for you.

To learn more about our no-debt model and our four departments, simply download the PDF below.

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